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Book Summary
Recently declassified information makes it possible for the first time to tell part of the story behind the Cold War intelligence operations of the U.S. Military Liaison Mission (USMLM) to the Commander of the Soviet Army in Communist East Germany.  Intelligence collection often led to dangerous encounters with the Soviet and East German armies.  On occasion, Allied officers and non-commissioned officers were seriously injured. Before it all ended with the collapse of the Iron Curtain, one French sergeant and one American officer had been killed.

Potsdam Mission traces the development of the author into a Soviet/Russian specialist and U.S. Army intelligence officer.  The author then relates his own intelligence collection forays into East Germany by taking the reader on trips that include several harrowing experiences and four arrests and detentions by the Soviets.  By dramatizing his encounters in East Germany, he captures the real-life atmosphere of what it was like to sneak around Soviet and East German military units and do whatever was necessary to evade capture.

The author relates the challenges and rewards of interpreting at USMLM, including an important assignment when the Soviet Commander in Chief visited his counterpart in West Germany.

Finally, the author reflects on the important role played by USMLM in Cold War intelligence.
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